I am a self-taught landscape photographer with a natural affinity and passion for Australia’s wonderful wide open spaces, varied and intricate ecosystems. I have a keen awareness that we have been blessed here in Australia with a unique opportunity to be the stewards of an ancient and enduring environment and landscape.  I deliberately print and display my artwork in large format to enable the viewer to immerse themselves into the scenes before them so they can see the detail, colours, shapes and forms more easily.   Through my images I hope to portray to you, the viewer and owner of my artwork, some of the sense of emotion and feeling that I experience when I visit and immerse myself in Australia’s greatest landscape treasures.

Some of my earliest memories of a connection with our vast continent include being enchanted with a small, but beautiful 25cm x 16.5cm watercolour, of the Western McDonnell Ranges, by famed Australian Artist, Albert Namatjira. This sat on my grand-parents bookshelf when I was a youngster and is now on my bookshelf. I spent hours walking in a virtual version (in my head) of this image, climbing up the range, walking along the valley and sitting under the trees and feeling the noonday heat. This and many other early experiences such as spending time growing up on a small rural holding, and also in a beach side suburb, with many endless hours spent in the great outdoors in both locations. Camping with a community youth club and holidays to many diverse regions in WA with my family and friends has reinforced those connections into adulthood.

Since buying my first SLR film camera and experimenting with colour slide and print film as well as black and white print over 15 years ago, I have developed an ever growing passion for capturing the essence that is Australia. I now use a full frame Canon digital SLR camera, and even wider angled lens, but still use my film camera loaded with high quality Fuji Velvia slide film to capture those very special subjects.  In capturing these images I have encountered and survived freezing temperatures, been inspired by magnificent sunrises, endured long and testing multi day hikes and have had irreplaceable experiences with close friends and relatives.  I have also experienced many a blister, hordes of mosquitos and leeches, as well as cool pools and green billabongs in the dry and unforgiving desert, feeling the sunburn, driven long distances, met new friends, had the odd cut and bruise, swam at idyllic beaches and in enchanted grottos.  Walking up and down windswept mountains, with days of isolation, scorching temperatures, humidity, watching starry nights, walking trails by moonlight, and seeing many a colourful sunset gives a sense of outright wonderment and sense that we humans are just a small part in a greater created picture.  This earth is no accident. This is part of the essence of my landscape photographic journey.

Taking great landscape photos can appear to be the easiest thing but requires much time, effort, fortitude and technical skill to get the best result possible.  As I capture that one image in the camera as I saw it, and print it, and turn into a piece of art, so others can appreciate and gain from that image, the process becomes all the more worthwhile.

Travelling extensively over our continent and through many countries and continents outside Australia, has made me very aware that the untouched places that are still left are dwindling due to the sheer increase in global population.  Here in Australia, we appear to be less affected but our natural environment is being pressurised by unchecked growth in our cities and suburbs, and the resulting strain on resources such as water, food, and energy.  Through capturing and the display of these images I am bringing attention to the fact that all our actions are interlinked.  Seeing the natural world not just as a resource for the human species to exploit, I see it as an interconnected web and ecosystem of which we are integrated, and which we depend on for life.  We have a duty to protect and properly manage our environment so that we can help to preserve the system that we humans are a part of, which underpins our physical life here on earth.

I hope you can enjoy and take yourself to another place outside of the every-day when you take time to absorb the artwork on display.  It is my pleasure that you can have this experience of the great and varied landscape of Australia. I have confidence that my images will  inspire you to take a greater interest in our natural environment and the way we interact with the planet.